Seller Information and Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Use create a legal contract  you and us.

Please read them before Selling or Buying on

IconicZA Pty Ltd (“Iconic Online,” “we,” or “us”) is a marketplace that allows users to Buy, Sell and Trade Items.

Iconic Online is directly involved in the transaction between buyers and sellers. Thus, Iconic Online makes sure buyers receives a 100% Authentic / Legitimate product.

Iconic Online facilitates the purchase transaction, we do not set prices for items. Sellers set prices, they may be higher than retail value. Iconic Online does not guarantee that any item will sell. We reserve the right to investigate complaints and violations of these Terms and may take any appropriate actions. Although the Services are anonymous and we generally do not share your information with other buyers and sellers, we may share your information with law enforcement and other third parties as part of an investigation related to any alleged violation, and we may respond to all inquiries initiated by law enforcement.


As part of the purchase transaction, the seller will ship the item to Iconic Online where Iconic Online will visually inspect the items to confirm that they are authentic.

  1. Sellers are responsible for shipping the products to Iconic Online and are liable for shipping costs. Iconic Online can arrange shipping, if the seller is unable to ship.
  2. Shipping costs to the buyer is charged after every purchase (after checkout).
  3. Everything ships via Courier Guy service. You will be provided with a tracking number via email.
  4. Estimated delivery is 1-5 business days from the date your transaction was confirmed. 


If Iconic Online determines that the item is authentic & deadstock, Iconic Online will ship the item to the buyer. If Iconic Online cannot reasonably confirm the authenticity of the item or determines it is authentic, then we will notify the buyer and the seller that the item is not authentic and will issue a refund (within 7 working days) to the buyer.  sellers of illegitimate merchandise will be banned and reported.


Iconic Online policy requires sellers to ship items within three (3) business days of the purchase. Once we receive the item from the seller it generally takes [2-4] business days for us to authenticate the sneakers and ship them to the buyer. Most trades are completed in a shorter time frame. It all depends on how prompt the seller is sending us the sneakers.


We hold the buyer’s money until we receive and authenticate the item.

*Payments to sellers are released via EFT as soon as we receive and authenticate the item. 


To be an eligible buyer you must have a mailing address in South Africa, and must have an account on As soon as we receive your payment, your shoes will be delivered to your door as soon as possible. We guarantee authentic deadstock/used items, for the best possible prices. 


To list [Sellers] are required to fill in the form on WTS. The item should be Authentic and should be in a good condition.

Iconic Online charges a seller 10% on each item purchased (for selling on our platform and covering transaction fees). From the price that the vendor sets, Iconic Online will deduct 10% after sale.

NB! If you sell the item once they have been listed on our website, you as the seller, will be liable for a penalty fee of 10% of the selling price IF you do not inform us immediately that they are no longer for available for SALE.  


Our Return Policy applies to this Terms and Conditions. Read our Return Policy here.


Our online shopping payments are processed using “Payfast”, “i-Pay” and “SnapScan”

PayFast is a payments processing service for South Africans and South African websites. Enable easy, secure and instant transfer of money between online buyers and sellers.
Allows sellers to accept payments from buyers in a variety of ways. Process credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), Instant EFT (bank transfers to any of SA’s four biggest banks that get instantly verified.)

i-Pay is an instant smart EFT payment service in South Africa that allows customers to make secure online payments directly into seller’s bank accounts.

SnapScan is safer and more convenient than using your bank card. When you use SnapScan, you keep your bank card safely in your wallet or even at home, and simply use your phone to pay for things. This means there is less chance of your card being lost, stolen or skimmed.



Since our items are supplied on consignment by many different sellers we regrettably cannot accept returns on any items unless otherwise stated.

Iconic Online does not claim ownership rights in some of the Content.